Collection: Frolic in the Snow Adventures!

Welcome to the Fantasy Alive special Winter 2021 FA&D event, Frolic in the Snow!

The event officially begins at 10am Sunday January 24th and goes until around midnight on Saturday January 30th. During this time there will be at least one FA&D session going on each day as well as posts on the In-Game Facebook group that all are welcome to join in to role-play and discuss the developments over the week. 

This weekend will also have a few special aspects to it that everyone should be aware of.

First off, this event is in the (slightly delayed) spirit of the holiday season. Meaning that it will be a good mix of winter fun as well as cold intrigue. Each adventure will be clearly marked with the usual categories for the style of the adventure, so make sure to check those to pick the type of fun you’re looking for!

During this special event, we will be posting up formal In-game posts on the Facebook group. These are designed as very basic ideas of what has been going on in the sessions over the week and will be posted daily each morning. Each time a new post is put up by Fantasy Alive, the previous one will have the comments turned off. This is to signify the time passing over the week and new developments that can change the conversations. Also note that we will not be giving any details about sessions (including who attended) in these posts or any other way. This is for two reasons. One, to try to bring the sense of LARP to the event by requiring the characters to interact and talk to pass on information. And two, because some of the adventures will be available to future groups to try out at a later date. With that second one in mind, we do ask that players do not provide critical information to others on the boards or in messages so that everyone can have the full experience of these adventures themselves!

We will also be continuing the FA&D aspect: The “Town Item”. 

    • This item is considered to be available and useable by any player of FA&D during the time in which this item is in play.
    • No player may put the item into their “Tags” section on their character sheet.
    • No player may block another player from holding and using the item at any time. 
    • This item may be handed/tossed between players with no distance limit or rolls required. A Simple Action must be used to pass the item by either the one holding or receiving (but not both).
    • The item once gained by any player of FA&D will be announced to the entire game that it is available and what functions it has (if that information has been found out IG). 
    • This item will last until it is removed from play by an FA&D Plot Member or will be used up by the end of the special event.


So keep an eye out for those items in the posts, they may be useful later!

We have decided to space out the sessions over this week to allow for more time for opening and closing the games as well as role-play between sessions. As well each session will be its own separate adventure but all within the theme and plot of the event. Each FA&D Plot member will let their players know the specific setup (location, spell protections before, recharge time, etc.) for each session either beforehand in a message, or at the setup of the session.

This special event will act as additional sessions during January, but will not have any special logistics or otherwise. Just submit your log as normal for the month.

Please note that no player may participate in any back-to-back sessions during this special event. That means that no player may participate in:

Sunday January 24th - 11am AND 3pm

Saturday January 30th - 10am or 11am AND 5:30pm

Thank you all for your participation in our special FA&D event! We hope you all have fun!

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