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Welcome to Fantasy Alive Season of Giving!

This year we are proud to host our charity partner Extra Life for our joyous month of generosity!

Extra Life is a fantastic charity that helps support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  All of the proceeds we raise through the sale of the items below will go to help them with all of the good that they do! 

This year we have three ways of supporting Extra Life

1. In-Game Item Auction!

Join us on the EAO Facebook Page to see the great magical items available for Auction! These items will come out once per week from December 2nd through to December 22nd. Each week a new item will be posted and the auctions for all of them will end as of January 3rd at 8pm. This auction will be a Sealed Bid-style, meaning that you submit your bid to us privately via the email: and the highest bidder will will the item! 


2. EAO Fundraiser!

During our Season of Giving, from December 1st to January 3rd, purchase one of the selected EAO Fundraiser items and we will split the money spent 50/50 with Extra Life! The selected items include:

Double Improvement Points
Increase SP cap*
Spend Double OC*
100 OC
1E Magical Component*
Life Potion*
200 OC
Earn Double XP*
600 OC
Personalized FA&D Session
Give all Players 50 OC
Personalized FA&D Session - 3-Part
Name a Person/Place in FA
Special YouTube video

(NOTE: Items marked above with a * may only be given to a specific player once.)


3. Curative Items available for purchase!

There are a number of items available for purchase. All of these items that are purchased will be added to our character database at the end of the fundraiser.  Once you come out to any Fantasy Alive event, the items will be provided during log.  

If you purchase a magic item, you'll receive a tag which you can affix to any item you wish.  Items will expire in January 2022.  For potions, you will receive the tags at your next log.  

There are a limited number of items, but there will be some more added December 17th.  These items will be for sale until January 3rd at 8pm.


AND... as a special bonus, if you purchase one of these items for another player, you will receive half of the money spent on it in OC for yourself! A little thank you from us for giving a present! Just send an email to with who you would like to give it to and we'll get that done and the OC added to your sheet!

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