Rules for Participating in Official Fantasy Alive Online Spaces

Rules for Participating in Official Fantasy Alive Online Spaces


  1. All interactions are subject to the Fantasy Alive Code of Conduct. You must read and understand the Code before you may participate in any Fantasy Alive online space. Any breach of the Code of Conduct in these spaces will result in corrective actions based on the severity of the offence.
  2. Fantasy Alive (and approved Moderators) may remove any post unrelated to the purpose of the space, deemed to be a breach of the Code of Conduct or counter to the goal of a friendly and welcoming community. No notice or reasoning to the poster is required though may be provided if necessary.
  3. No advertisements for any product, game or item unrelated to Fantasy Alive may be posted without express permission granted by an Owner. All advertisements posted without permission will be removed and the poster removed from the space. To request permission for an advertisement, please email the Owners at
  4. All postings must be done onto the appropriate board, such as all in-game material such as role-play or in-game announcements should be posted on the “Fantasy Alive: In Game” group.
  5. Do not share material on out-of-game forum(s) that would reveal the secrets of your character or other players’ characters. Doing so constitutes meta-gaming. 
  6. Any group or individual wishing to create public or private web spaces associated with Fantasy Alive must be approved by an Owner and adhere to the Fantasy Alive Code of Conduct. These spaces must also allow an Owner or a representative chosen by an Owner to have access to these web spaces.
  7. When posting photos or tagging photos in FA online spaces you may only tag yourself.

Etiquette – In-Game Forum Actions

When writing on the in-game forums there are some core etiquette rules to keep in mind to keep things flowing easily, and limiting knowledge of other players as to what your character may or may not be up to, or know.

  1. Remember to include a Time Stamp (TS) at the beginning of the post. This lets everyone in the game world know exactly the date and time when this Role Play is taking place and can affect whether or not certain characters are available to be interacted with. This is only necessary in the first post in a thread.
  2. State where the Role Play is taking place. This helps give a setting as to where the events are taking place which can affect the atmosphere, and possibly the characters, who would be around to participate. 
  3. Inner thoughts of your character should remain inner. If you wish to express those thoughts do so through descriptive writing, or verbal character dialogue.
  4. When speaking always use quotation marks “     ” around what you are saying. This helps differentiate between your character speaking and describing your character’s actions.
  5. Please refrain from OOG statements in your IG posts, but if they are necessary, place all such writing in brackets  ( ) and add in “OOG:” at the beginning of what you are going to write for clarity. For example: (OOG: Going to be away for a week, will respond when I get back.)
  6. No combat. The in-game forums are for Role Play use only. If you want to cast a spell or do some other normal activity that your character could do during the Role Play session then feel free. 
  7. Don’t do anything on the boards you wouldn’t Role Play at a game yourself.
  8. If you want to join in on the Role Play thread, but are uncertain as to what the character looks like, you can ask for a description in a Reply statement using (  ) brackets around what you are stating out of game, for clarification. 
  9. Meta-gaming. All players have access to the in-game forums. This allows everyone to read the public posts, and join in with their character if they so choose. However, if you do not participate in the thread of that conversation you are not there in-game for it, and therefore do not know anything that transpires. Be mindful of what your character does and does not know versus what you have read.


TS: July 16th 2017 1:00pm

Steve Fakeman wanders into the Green Pony tavern. He looks around the room, patting his belly before heading to the counter. His eyes widen in excitement as he sees Phillip.

“I’d like a plate of dinner, please! Loads of meat. Love me some ham,” he says jovially.

After receiving his meal he sits at a table, and speaks to no one in particular.

“Hey! Does anyone here know how to use a dagger? I mean well, not just for ham cutting. More like hamstring cutting! HAHAHAHA Pure gold. Seriously, though, can anyone teach me? I have coin.”

Ashley Shambloke, sitting across the tavern, listens to Steve speaking. She grabs her pint of ale and walks over to him.

“Hi, I’m Ashley!” she states with enthusiasm as she plops down beside Steve. “And I believe I’m the teacher you’re looking for. Let’s talk price...”

(OOG: What does Steve look like? Race?)


(OOG: Steve is a human with short, brown hair, wearing beige pants and a lime green shirt. He carries a dagger on his hip and a yellow sash around his waist.)