PC Nobility Privileges and Responsibilities

This document takes effect for events following January 1st, 2019 onward.

Nobility in Fantasy Alive is a status that sets a character on a level above the majority of others in legal authority, political power and prestige. As this raising of one character over another can cause schisms between players, Fantasy Alive has developed this document to clarify the reasons, bonuses and requirements of players who play these roles.

Please note that this document particularly pertains to players with a character who is Nobility. Plot and Owners will have Noble characters as well, though their requirements for earning, maintaining or losing their Noble titles will be based solely upon IG story and world politics.

Player Noble Induction

In order for players to be inducted into Nobility they must show these aspects:

  • Leadership ability both with their character and as a player.
  • Reasonably consistent event attendance
  • In-game character actions proving to current Nobility their suitability.
  • Reading and full understanding of this document

Upon proving the above, approval by Head of Plot and Owners must be given and the player must agree to the title both in-game as their character and out-of-game as their player.

Player Nobility Requirements


A PC noble is a player who has shown the Owners of Fantasy Alive their leadership potential both as their character within the world and how the player interacts with the community. This leadership should be shown in exemplary role-play, active participation in the community (such as in one of the various official Positions), and as an overall good example for players to follow. A noble is one who is in the position to guide the players to a great fantasy role-playing experience, and the expectations to accomplish this are higher for those with higher noble titles. 

A noble will be looked to as a leader, as someone who Plot can rely on to assist on the PC side of the game in getting mods ready and doing their best to ensure all players get a chance to participate to the extent they wish. 

Player versus Player Actions

A PC noble should be fully aware of the great authority they wield, especially in the case of conflict with other players. This authority should be used in the capacity of a leader, rather than of a dictator. 

It is expected that minor conflicts should be able to be worked out by the PC noble and the other player in a reasonable way, should that not be the case, or the conflict escalates into a larger one, then the PC noble must reach out to a Player Relations Representative and/or Owners for assistance in handling the conflict. 

No PC noble is allowed to deal out Death or Finishment in retaliation to conflict or as punishment for an in-game crime or action without prior approval from Owners.


A PC noble must attend events regularly to maintain their title as extended absences from the game do not allow the player to keep up with the ever-changing story and player-base. In order to properly be seen as a leader both in- and out-of-game the players need to see the player participating in the game. Players who wield authority, even if done so benevolently, but are not participating a reasonable amount cause a feeling of mistrust or favoritism and so fail to promote the game in a positive manner. 

If a total of 4 consecutive events are not attended, the PC will automatically revoke their noble title. Note that this is events that are attended in person, events which are paid for and logged do not count for PC noble attendance. 

If events are missed to do extenuating circumstances the PC Noble is responsible for discussing their situation with the Owners. The noble title may be retained or returned at the discretion of the Owners.

Deference to Plot

A PC noble will never be the judge or run a trial of another PC. Past experience has confirmed that any legal responsibilities taken on by PCs results in players coming to resent the Noble player or have led to abuses of this power. As such, a PC noble may take part in a trial, but the ultimate authority in handling IG laws will be a Cast noble selected by Head of Plot and/or Owners.

The Plot Team may find times when they need assistance from a PC noble for a story-line. In this situation, PC nobles and the Plot Team will discuss the assistance required and come to a reasonable decision on the PC noble’s actions to provide this assistance. Should the PC Noble and Plot Team be unable to come to an agreement in this situation, an Owner will speak to both sides and make the final decision based on what is best for all involved.

Player Nobility Privileges 


Nobility of all levels earn automatic income so long as they keep their title. This income is from either a stipend from their superior or income granted from Serfs and Mines. The exact amount is shown on the table below.

In order to gain this income, the player must attend an event as their Noble. When an event is missed, the income that could have been earned from that event is spent on upkeeping any luxuries, paying any servants and any remaining funds are considered to be spent on maintaining the noble’s estate, lands or other Noble expenses. PC nobles may still pay for an event to earn XP and convert OC, but they will not gain noble income for doing so. Only by physically attending an event will this income be given.


A PC noble is automatically given the Luxuries listed in the above table. These Luxuries may be used normally (such as using a horse to shorten travel times). For Servants and Soldiers, the PC noble may request to have these NPC roles run by a Cast Member at an event but will only occur at Plot discretion. In general, the Servants and Soldiers kept by a PC noble are tasked with maintaining and ensuring the safety of the noble’s property, land and Serfs. 

It is suggested that should a PC noble wish to have guards or servants that they find a PC character(s) to fill the roles (and the income/costs will be handled by Logisitics).

A PC noble’s Luxuries may change over time based on in-game actions and events. Such as a PC noble could meet a mercenary travelling through town and offer them a permanent position. If the mercenary accepted then the PC nobles’ character information would be updated to have an additional Guard/Soldier, with the cost that goes with that.


A noble is granted greater access to information, items and contacts. Each event a Noble Briefing will be provided to all PC nobles. This briefing will generally be more over-arching story information, such as army movements, nation diplomacy and rumours from far off lands.


Upon granting a noble title, the PC noble must select a type of Contact they wish to have. This can be from the list below, or another one approved by Head of Plot and Owners. When registering for an event, a noble is permitted to ask for one piece of information from their selected Contact and will receive a response based on the request and the nature of the Contact. Changing of Contacts must be handled on an in-game basis.

Possible Contacts

  • Merchant Guild
  • Thieves Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • King’s Court
  • Foreign Country (Michian, Eldersire, Churning Waters, etc.)


A PC noble will be granted an NPC Merchant (generally the noble’s Major Domo or similar title). The PC noble may use this merchant’s skill to buy/sell objects as if they had the skill themselves for any event that they may also collect their Noble Income. Like Noble Income, any time the merchant is not used, they have been considered to have spent their time maintaining the Noble’s stature. The exact levels and categories are listed below for each level of Nobility. Upon gaining their title, the PC Noble must choose what categories the Merchant will specialize in. Following that the categories may not be changed without firing the current NPC and hiring another (which will be handled on a case-by-case basis by Plot, Logistics and Owners). If a PC Noble rises or lowers in Noble title, then the categories must be added or lost accordingly.

Noble Title

NPC Merchant

# Categories


No Merchant NPC


Knight/Dame and Magistrate

Level 2



Level 4



Level 6



Not available to PC Nobles



Not available to PC Nobles



Not available to PC Nobles



A PC Noble will also have Tutor contacts available for any skill which exists in the Rulebook with the exception of levels of Clerical Investment and Divination above 6. These Tutors can be utilized by the PC Noble or be provided to any other character at the Noble’s request. Please note that these Tutors will still require payment as normal.

Grant Citizenship

A PC noble has the power to grant Citizenship to any character they deem fit. This social class is seen as a reward for exemplary service to the noble and then requires the noble to protect the Citizen, so should be used with forethought. The granting of Citizenship should be done in consultation with Plot and Owners, but is left to the discretion of the PC noble. Should this authority be abused by the PC noble, the Citizenship(s) granted will be removed before any further actions are considered.

Player Nobility Removal

Player Nobility can be removed at any time by the Owners of Fantasy Alive if they believe the PC Noble’s actions to be not benefitting the game as a whole, or events are not attended as described above. If reasonable, the Owners will attempt to work with the PC noble to direct them to meet the expected requirements. 

Nobility Removed due to Absence or Inability to Adhere to Requirements

When a player returns to Fantasy Alive after a Noble title has been removed due to missing events or is unable to properly follow the requirements of Nobility as outlined in this document, the character will be required to hand in their official papers to Logistics and have them replaced with ones which designate their social class as Citizen.  The character can be played normally, but they will lose all privileges and responsibilities of Nobility and will be set to Citizen class. The character’s social class will then be maintained or changed based solely on in-game actions as per normal Players. 

No negative repercussions will occur either in-game to the character or out-of-game to the Player for this loss of title. The in-game reason for the loss of title will be one of “retirement” or “honourable release from service” or similar reasoning based upon the Character and Plot discretion.

Nobility Removed as part of Corrective Action

In the case of more severe breaches of this document, further in- and/or out-of-game repercussions may be applied to the Player and/or Character. These repercussions are entirely at the discretion of the Owners with Plot input. If the actions of the Player also break the Code of Conduct then further corrective actions will also apply.

Negative repercussions may occur either in-game to the character or out-of-game to the Player for their improper actions. These repercussions are at the discretion of the Owners for out-of-game issues and Owners and Plot for in-game issues.

Renewing of Player Nobility

Players who have had their Noble Title removed may apply to regain the title. In order to do so the Player must meet these criteria:

  • Attendance for a minimum of 2 events in a row.
  • Active displays of the requirements for Noble Induction listed above.
  • Working with the Owners to correct the issue(s) that led to the Noble Title removal.

Should the Player meet these requirements as determined by the Owners, then the Noble title will be reinstated.