New Character Creation Form

You can view the Pre-Made Character Stats here. The new character starting packages also include an Equipment package.  

If you are not using a starting package, then you are provided items based on the skills that you purchase. Each character starts with 300 copper and the items listed next to each skill purchased:

Any Weapon Skill - One weapon tag associated with skill (1 Longsword or Short sword when buying 1-Handed Swords).
Shield - One Buckler or Shield tag
Wear Light Armour - 10 locations of Gambeson, Leather, Hardened Leather or Studded Leather (player choice and based on phys-reps)
Wear Heavy Armour - 5 locations of Chain, Scale or Plate
(player choice and based on phys-reps)
Armour smith 1 - Tools and 10 Leather Patches
Weapon smith 1 - Tools and 10 each Iron and Wood
Alchemist 1 - 10 various Ingredients
Herbalist 1 - 10 various Herbs
Mechanic 1 - Tools, 2 Rope, 10 Hardware, 2 Iron
Physician 1 - Tools, 10 bandages, Energy Boost Mixture
Bowyer/Fletcher 1 - Tools and 10 Wood
Merchant 1 - 300 extra copper
Craftsman <Any> 1 - Tools
Labourer <Any> 1 - Tools
Divination 1 - One of each divination tool
Magery - Spellbook and any 4 first level spells (player choice).
Clerical Investment <Any> 1 - Shrine OR 10 Candles, 5 Hardware, 1 Chest, 5 Cloth, 3 Containers, 3 Lumber, 2 Iron (Enough materials to create a Shrine at a later log.)
(NOTE: All other skills, including higher levels than those listed, grant no starting items.)