Camp Manitou Site Rules

Enforcement of Site Rules

  • All rules for the site listed below will be fully enforced by the Owners of Fantasy Alive.
  • Any breaking of these rules will lead to correct action up to removal from the site and permanent ban from all Fantasy Alive events.

Arrival and Leaving of site

  • No players allowed on site before 7pm on Friday
  • Players must be off site by 2pm on Sunday.
  • Players assisting in final cleanup and everyone associated with FA must be off site by 3pm Sunday

General Site Rules

  • Please clean up after yourselves and leave the site as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  • The Ranger on Duty at the site is the final authority on any decisions concerning the site.

Fires and Fire Safety

  • Fires may only be set in specific fire drums on site. Consult Owners for which fire pits are accepted.
  • Anyone wishing to light a fire on site must pay $20. Payment can be made to Logistics. 
  • Firewood is available at the Woodshed, see Ranger for access.  Players are responsible to carry their own reasonable supply of firewood to their campsites.
  • Any fire lit must have a Player attending it at all times.
  • All fires must be thoroughly and entirely extinguished before left unattended. Please keep a bucket of water nearby for quenching fires.
  • Should a combat situation occur around a fire, the combat must be moved away from the pit and one Player must remain to attend the fire as a Fire Marshal.
  • Fire Marshals are considered not a target for any combat by a Cast or Plot member, but may participate in role-play as appropriate.
  • Fire Marshal status may be changed to another Player at any time, but must be clearly communicated to all Players in a reasonable manner.
  • No source of flame is allowed in any location on site other than an approved fire drum or a cooking appliance approved by the Owners and/or Ranger.

Smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes or any similar item

  • Smoking and similar may only occur in the immediate area of an approved fire drum.
  • Cigarette butts or similar waste must be fully and completely disposed of. Either collected in a can for trash or fully burned up in a fire pit.
  • All illegal forms of smoking or similar are utterly forbidden on site or at any Fantasy Alive event. Players found with illegal drugs will be removed from game immediately and the Police informed at the Owners discretion.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • No alcohol is allowed. Any found on site will be immediately removed and those in possession will receive corrective action up to removal from game.
  • No illegal drugs are allowed. Any found on site will be immediately reported to the Police and those in possession will be removed from game and face further corrective action up to permanent ban from Fantasy Alive events.
  • Legal drugs and medications should be reported to the Owners only if they cause side-effects which may affect game-play.
  • Any players with a prescription for Medical Marijuana must present a copy of the prescription to the Owners for further instructions.


  • Vehicles are allowed to drive onto site from 7pm on Friday until around 10:30pm when game officially begins and from the time game is called around 12noon on Sunday until all players must be off site at 3pm.
  • No vehicles are allowed past the parking lot at the Ranger’s Cabin while game is on, except with prior Owner permission or in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Vehicles will be prohibited from driving on certain locations of the site based on weather, site rentals and Plot discretion. Check the pre-event announcements or with Owners at the Tavern for the current site restrictions.
  • All RV’s and trailers are to remain in the main parking lot.

Indoor Space (Tavern and Cast Cabin)

  • All indoor sleeping space is on a free first-come-first-claimed system with exceptions made for spaces required for people with medical conditions.
  • PCs must stay in the Tavern if staying inside. Cast must stay in the Cast Cabin. Exceptions to this are allowed only at Owner and Plot Manager discretion.
  • Player property left in a sleeping area may only be moved by that player, an Owner or with express permission by the player. 

Tavern Kitchen

  • No one is allowed in the kitchen in the tavern without permission from the Owner in charge of kitchen
  • The use of any appliances, cutlery, dishware or any other items in the kitchen is forbidden unless given permission by the Owner in charge of the kitchen. Permission must be given for each use of the item. 
  • Any items in the common area of the tavern are freely able to be used by all players (coffeepot, kegs of drinks, toaster, etc.)
  • All food in tavern is available for only players who pay for meal or snack plan. 
  • Drinks in the kegs and coffee/tea/hot chocolate are available for everyone.
  • Bottled drinks available at the bar in the tavern may not be stolen in-game by any means. They may only be taken if purchased from a bartender in the kitchen.

Theft in the Tavern

  • The bunk area on the second floor of the tavern requires an Owner present if a player is attempting to steal items, regardless of their placement within that area.
  • Items left unattended within the common areas of the tavern may be freely stolen or used by other players with the normal rules concerning theft and consideration for other’s belongings followed.

Logistics/Owners’ Room

  • The private room used for Logistics and the Owner’s sleeping area is off-limits to all players unless accompanied by an Owner.
  • This room is used for private conversations and all players must respected that.
  • The door to the room must be kept shut from immediately following Logistics until all players have left the site.
  • If looking for an Owner, players must knock on the door and wait for an answer before opening the door.
  • Should a player wish to interact with the room on an in-game level (as “Phillip’s room”) they must have an Owner present.