How to PC, Cast, and Transfer Between

There are two major sides to the game of Fantasy Alive, PC and Cast. This section is designed to describe what each role is, what to expect while in these roles, and in what ways Fantasy Alive allows changing roles.

Player Character (PC)

A Player Character is a player who has decided to create a character of their own. These characters follow the Rulebook and supplementary information found on the website and are generally free to act how they wish during events so long as they obey the rules and Code of Conduct.

A PC is responsible for bringing and maintaining their own costume, props, make-up and prosthetics. Fantasy Alive does offer rentals for costuming and props, but is unable to provide enough to cover all the players attending.


A Cast Member is a player who has decided to assist the game in building the extensive world of Fantasy Alive. The Cast is responsible for acting out the people, monsters and anything else necessary to properly bring the world of Fantasy Alive to life. Details on the expectations for Cast Members can be found in the Position Description.

Cast Members will be supplied costuming, props, make-up and prosthetics that they will need to play the roles as directed by the Plot Team. The only things a Cast Member should plan to provide for an event are basic black clothing to wear, anything they need to sleep and proper outdoor wear (appropriate for the weather).

Switching Between PC and Cast

From one event to another, players are welcome to switch between being a PC and helping out as a Cast Member. 

During an event, a PC may temporarily switch to being a Cast Member by signing up for a Cast Shift on their Event Registration Form or on the signup sheet at Log. For the switch to occur, a Plot Member will seek out a name on the list and request them to come and Cast for a short amount of time. Generally, this time will be for one mod or for a couple of hours. The player PCing can choose whether to switch to Cast or remain in the game PCing when requested. If the player does switch, then they will be given OC for their time away from their PC. 

A PC may also switch to being a Cast Member for such reasons as:

  • The player’s character is leaving the area of the world the game takes place.
  • The player’s character has Finished and the player does not have an alternate character prepared.
  • The player wishes to stop playing their character for the remainder of the event.
  • Another reason approved by the Owners.

A player is expected to remain a Cast Member for an entire event. However, should the player decide that they would like to PC after starting an event as a Cast Member, they can do so as long as they provide payment for the event.