Health and Care of Player Policy

Updated: 2023-06-26

NOTE: This is a living document, meaning that this document will be updated and changed as new information is received and considered. Should you have any suggestions for this policy, please provide such input to: 


Endless Adventures endeavours to make a game that is fun and safe for all involved. But with the physicality and the ever-present possibility of accidents, EAO also prepares to handle any injuries that may arise. Here are the ways in which we work to keep the game safe.

The procedures and guidelines outlined in this document will be followed by all EAO games and all official events. Individual games or events may have additional aspects put in place to ensure the safety or health of the players for that game. These additional aspects will be made available to the Players of that game in whatever method deemed best by that game’s Owner.


Zebra Call

Within the Rules of all EAO games is a single word call of “Zebra”. This is the call to pause the game for two reasons: 

The first is for a Plot Member to describe or act out a certain aspect of the story. Once this part is completed the call of “Lay on” is done and the game continues.

The second is to ensure that at any time the game can be halted to care for any player. This pause in the game lasts as long as is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all players, whether that takes only a few minutes to ensure that everyone is alright or an hour while an injured player is given proper medical care.


First Aid Kit

EAO works to keep properly stocked first aid kit(s) readily accessible at events. The location of the First Aid Kit(s) will be announced at the beginning of each event to make sure all participants are aware.


Emergency Care

In the case of a serious injury, an Owner or an appropriate and responsible representative for EAO will accompany the injured person to an emergency medical care facility. The Owner or representative will be there to advocate for the injured person and ensure they receive proper care until the emergency has passed or is replaced by a family member or guardian of the injured player.


Emergency Procedures

Each Endless Adventure game will draw up and make available to all players their emergency procedures. This document will provide instructions on what to do in case of a fire, medical emergency or other serious incident. We request that all players familiarize themselves with that information to ensure the safety of all players in the unlikely situation one of these emergencies occur.

Procedures and Methods to Reduce Player Illness

The following outlines the actions EAO games will take, and what EAO recommends Players do to ensure the safety and health of all people attending an Endless Adventures Ontario (EAO) games, event or other official gathering.

The following will be updated as needed based on government and health care professional requirements or advice. Any updates to this document will be announced publicly on official EAO spaces.


Requirement to comply

All persons attending an EAO event must comply with the rules and guidelines provided in this document. Any person or people who fail to comply will be reminded for minor infractions, warned only once for multiple minor infractions or a moderate one, or immediately removed from the event for an infraction after a warning or a major infraction. All decisions on compliance are at the discretion of the Owners. 

All people attending an EAO event will be required to acknowledge that they have read this document in full and understand the requirements. This can be done through an online Log form or declared to the Owner or Health Officer screening at the entrance of an event.



All people attending an EAO event should check themselves for signs of illness (coughing, sore throat, fever, etc.) BEFORE travelling to the event. One method of doing this check is through the COVID-19 Self-Assessment which can be done through the government of Ontario’s website here: Should the person have any symptoms of an illness or assess as needing to get tested and/or self-isolate, then they must not go to the event. 

Note that Players with symptoms to issues which have been deemed as not contagious (preferably by a medical professional) may attend EAO events. This includes issues such as seasonal allergies. It is the Player’s responsibility to prove the symptoms are not contagious and the final decision on the Player’s attendance at an event is at the discretion of the Owner.

Should a person develop any symptoms of illness during an event, they should immediately remove themselves from the game site. If a person does not do so, an Owner will have them removed.

If you have prepaid for an event and cannot attend due to illness, a refund or transferring of the payment to a future event is allowed. Please contact Logistics with your request no later than one week after the event to ensure this is done. If no request for a refund or transfer is received within one week of the end of the event, then the payment will be applied to that event and all normal XP and log decisions will be applied.

EAO will not be posting a health screener at the entrance of events. All Players are required to self-regulate for illness for the sake of the whole community.


Vaccination Requirements

EAO does not require any Player attending events to have any vaccinations. All government required ones are highly recommended for any person for their own health, but EAO will not request proof of any vaccination. 

EAO does highly recommend Players get all vaccines available by the government health agencies in your area for the sake of themselves and the community.


Sleeping Spaces

All Players are recommended to sleep in their own tents or cabins when possible. Communal sleeping spaces are available for those that require them, but all Players choosing to sleep in those areas understand the risk of transmission of illness. EAO will take actions to mitigate potential illness as outlined later in this document.


Wearing of personal protective equipment

EAO does not require the wearing of any personal protective equipment such as face masks during EAO events except in any specific cases listed below. Players are welcome to wear them during any time while at events however they see fit and EAO will ensure that all Players respect this decision. Any incident which causes a Player to feel uncomfortable or bullied for their decision concerning personal protective equipment may be cause for corrective action at the Owner’s discretion.

While EAO does not require masks during events, they are recommended for Players spending time in indoor common areas and during any close contact with other Players. Though all recommendations received from medical professionals has been that combat outside is not an issue for illness transmission, so EAO allows Players to decide to mask during combat.

If a Player wishes to wear a mask during any or all parts of an EAO event they are requested to bring their own mask(s). Some single-use masks will be made available by EAO for those who require them.



Combat encounters must follow all rules within the Rulebook with these additional requirements.

  • When a character is required to fall down, such as when they take a Sleep effect or are brought to zero or -1 LP, they may choose to remove themselves from the area they are in if they are concerned about the proximity of others. This movement can be IG RP, or OOG movement based on the Player’s discretion, and during this movement all counts they may need to perform are paused until they reach a safe location, at which time the counts begin again.
  • Any Player may at any time signify themselves as OOG and declare “Exit Scene” to immediately leave the current situation they are in. When declaring this, the player must then immediately leave that area where that portion of the game is occurring. Should the Player require assistance from another, that Player may also make the same actions and calls to provide that assistance. Any Players using this call must remain OOG until they can speak to an Owner to ensure the player is safe and healthy. The player may then return to the game in another location based on the Owner and Player’s discretion. No Player will ever be penalized for using this call unless it is deemed to be abusing the call by an Owner.
  • All Players are asked to focus on greater dramatic combat. This will both enhance the combat to create a more fun game for all, but will also assist with maintaining control of everyone’s bodies to lessen contact, injuries and improper weapon use.
  • All Players are strongly urged to never exceed a ratio of 3-to-1 of opponents in combat. Should a skirmish reach a point of 3 combatants against one (or any multiple of that, such as 6 on 2, etc.) then all Players on the higher side should refrain from joining the skirmish. Players are also requested to ensure they are allowing others to join in combat encounters by taking turns in encounters, or cycling out during a fight. These techniques to encourage participation should be organized as much in-game as possible.
  • For any skills or actions that normally require a touch, the player using the skill or action must confirm consent of the target to be touched. If consent is not given, the player may instead use a Weapon Marshal approved safe short-sized or hand-to-hand phys-rep or a thrown packet (if appropriate).
  • Red-lights during any encounter may enforce these safety guidelines at their discretion. All Players are required to defer to their decisions at the time.
  • Any Player entering combat without a mask and wishing to put one on may step aside or ask for a quick OOG moment while putting the mask on. A Zebra call may also be used to put the mask on. Once the Player is ready, combat may continue.
  • If a situation arises where a Player is having a health issue or trouble breathing, whether in combat or not, the Player or one nearby may call a Zebra or help the Player to safe location. While the Player is in distress, they are considered out-of-game until they are confident that they can return to the game safely. This is in addition to the normal rules for Zebra calls and the Health and Safety policy found above.
  • Any Player who refuses or fails to follow these guidelines may be subject to corrective action up to permanent ban from all EAO games.



EAO highly recommends and promotes Players to dine outside.

Food provided by EAO will be done with the least amount of shared items as possible, and those shared items cleaned and disinfected appropriately. The Owners of each game will determine the safest method of providing food based on their kitchen and serving situation.

All people attending an EAO event may only share food if they take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of others. All Players have the right to refuse to provide or take food or drink from anyone else should they believe it is unsafe. It is recommended by EAO that Players provide food to only themselves and their household or use the game’s meal plan (if available) to ensure safety. Any Players who choose to share food do so knowing and understanding the risks and may not hold EAO or any EAO representative responsible for any ill-effects. 

EAO Procedures for mitigating illness

This section details the actions and preparation that EAO games will do in order to help lower the chances any Player gets sick during or as a result of an EAO event.


Cast Combat and Equipment

EAO will ensure that disposable masks will be made available to Cast and Plot Members.

Makeup use will be limited and self applied whenever possible. Each Cast Member will use a different brush/makeup applier.

Efforts will be made to provide outside options for Cast members for eating and resting purposes. 


Food Preparation and Staff

All EAO staff preparing food must properly wash their hands before starting. While preparing food, they must remove or firmly secure any parts of clothing that could interfere or come in contact with food or preparation. 


Other EAO Procedures

EAO will ensure that all hand-washing areas are properly stocked with soap, paper towels and trash bins.

EAO will ensure that hand-sanitizer is available in easily accessible areas and is kept properly filled and working.

EAO will ensure surfaces and common objects are cleaned and disinfected.

EAO will ensure that any Player showing symptoms of illness are removed from events as soon as possible. Players are requested to assist the Owners by reporting illness or removing themselves from events when feeling unwell.

EAO will work to ensure indoor areas have as much ventilation as possible during events. This can be done through opening windows and doors, providing fans and any other efforts deemed necessary. This will be done based on factors such as the weather to ensure Player comfort.

EAO requires that Players not part of Cast refrain from entering into the designated Cast/Plot area (Cast Camp, Cabin or otherwise) unless given explicit permission by a Plot member. This allows Cast to prepare without interference.