Fantasy Alive Town Building

Welcome to a new aspect for Fantasy Alive, Town Building!

NOTE: This is currently under construction and run as a play-test! All aspects here are subject to change and are open to feedback. If you have any comments/suggestions, please send them to Thanks!)


This system is designed to allow players at each Fantasy Alive location to construct, grow and customize their in-game town by providing Builds that they can put downtime, resources and even OC toward completing. Each Build will have an effect upon the game through Plot, Log or even skill benefits!

So how does this all work? Well here are the details!

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Town Building is setup in a hierarchy structure. Each Build requiring some Build to be completed before it, starting with the Town Administration Building. This is shown in the diagram here...

FA Town Building Diagram

Each Build requires three parts: Skill Work, Coin and Items. These parts of the project each have a goal to reach, and when the goals for all three are complete, the Build is done and ready for action!

The goals for Builds are for all the players at a location to contribute to. So if one character at FA-TO contributes toward the Skill Work, then another can contribute toward the Coin. The Builds are designed to pull in as many different people as possible to get done!

Skill Work

Builds will require up to five different Trade skills to complete work using downtime. The value earned by these skills (as per Working for a Living) is assigned to the Skill used for it and added to the communal total of value put toward that Skill. When each different Trade skill is complete, this section is done!


You can donate in-game currency toward the Build. This money will be counted toward your next Event's Log and will be calculated into the amount of Coin you pay or receive at the Event.


Up to five different Item Groups will be listed with a goal copper value. You can select an item from that Item Group to donate to the Build and the value of that item will be added to the tally. Items offered in this way will be collected from you at your next Event's Log.


Build Effects

Each Build will have an effect on that game location, whether it be actions players can take at game due to a resource/place being available, to a bonus to a specific skill that any character at that location has, or something additional that you can do when registering your character for an event at that location. Some Build will also require that the characters at that location provide Upkeep for them to keep them working and active.


Each Build describes their Benefit within the details of the Build. These benefits will apply to any character who plays that location of Fantasy Alive. Logistics Benefits will generally be automatically applied when you register, and Benefits that apply during the game will be posted publicly on the database as well as at the game site for reference.


All Builds require Upkeep for them to remain active, just like the Luxury system. For the base structures (Town Administration Building, Roads - 1, Barracks - 1 and Farms - 1) this Upkeep is covered by NPCs who live within the area. This can be Nobles governing the in-game space or a collection of peasants working to maintain them. Consult your game location's Lore for the specifics of how that location runs. But for all other Builds, the characters attending each event are required to provide the Upkeep for the Builds in order to maintain their Benefits, with Upkeep not covered means the benefits of the Build not working and the Upkeep adding on to the next event's Upkeep cost. The Upkeep is the same categories and style as the initial Build, but requires instead up to three Skills and up to two Item Groups for Items as well as a significantly lower goal. Consult the Build details for the exact Upkeep for each.

Note that Upkeep not provided for a Build for three events in a row will cause the Build to be lost and must be rebuilt to be useable again.


Game Location

All Builds are one game location specific. So for example, once Barracks - 1 is built in FA-OK, it will only be functions for that location and any other location such as FA-TO would be required to spend the resources to build their own Barracks - 1. This also applies to Upkeep.

Builds may never be transferred between game locations.


Got Ideas?

The Town Building system grows as players desire. A location can just construct the base structures and never go further, or the players can work to create a metropolis. The base structures and the Builds currently designed are available in our database, but we promote our players providing their feedback, ideas and requests. If you have any of those things or anything else you want to communicate to us about this Town Building system, please send an email to


Example Screenshots of Database:


Happy Construction to you all!

LINK TO DATABASE WILL BE HERE SOON! - Click here to go to the Town Building Options.