FA-TO On-Site Storage

Fantasy Alive Toronto is offering space on-site for players to store their gear! Here are some of the details:

  • On-Site, unconditioned storage spot.
  • Two possible sizes of space:
    • 5ft x 4ft x 4ft, 72 cu.ft. (1.37m x 1.22m x 1.22m, 2.04m3)
    • 5ft x 4ft x 2ft, 18 cu.ft. (0.67m x 1.22m x 0.61m, 0.51m3)
  • For use in storing game-related articles only.
  • Signed contract required for use.


For more information or to rent a spot, please contact the Owners of Fantasy Alive – Toronto at: Owners@fantasyalivelrp.com