Get ready for your Fantasy Alive and Dice Session!

  1. Read the rulebook
  2. When signing up as a: 
    1. Group: pick three time slots your group area available for play from our calendar 
      1. If none are possible, you may request a different time, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate.
    2. Individual: fill out the form and Logistics will contact you when a session you can join is available.
  3. Fill out and submit the Session Application form
    1. Please ensure that you fill out every section!
  4. You (and all people included in your group) will be contacted by Logistics with a game link.
  5. Click on the game link to join the game
    1. If you do not have a Roll20 account, you’ll be prompted to make one first. Roll20 is free for players.
  6. Once you join and launch the game you’ll see the starting page.
    1. If you have never played FA&D before, you won’t be able to do anything right away. Once you have logged in once, contact Logistics to be assigned a character sheet.
  7. Upon hearing that you have been assigned a sheet, login to Roll20 and launch the game again.
  8. Create or Update your Character!
    1. At the top right of the screen there will be a document-like icon that when you hover over comes up with a label of “Journal”. Click on that.
    2. The right bar will change to a list of two folders: “Rulebooks” and “PCs”
    3. Click on the “PCs” one to expand it. There you should see one sheet named for your character. Click on that name.
    4. Enter in all your character information as per the instructions on the website here (LINK – Pic of instructions to use: NAME
    5. When done, inform Logistics that you’ve finished your character creation and they will review your sheet to ensure there are no mistakes.
  9. Logistics will be in contact with the individual or player who submitted the Session Application to confirm what Session will be booked.
  10. Once the session date/time is confirmed, all players must “Pay-what-you-can” here.
  11. Upon completing the payment, fill out the FA&D Logistics form to update their character.
  12. Shortly after filling out the Logistics form you will receive an email with your updated character sheet.
  13. Show up to the Session on or before the time to get setup, update your FA&D character sheet, answer any pre-game questions and ensure everyone’s technology is behaving.
  14. Enjoy a Session of Fantasy Alive and Dice!