Donation Policy

Fantasy Alive accepts donations of costuming, props or anything else the game may need at the time. These donations are granted Ogre Chips (OC) as a reward for providing items or productive working time that benefit the game.

To donate an item to Fantasy Alive, the Player must contact an Owner with the details of the item and get approval from the Owner before the donation is accepted and OC given. Items which are not approved will not be accepted or give the Player any OC.

At times, Fantasy Alive will post a list of items which they will accept as donations. These will be accepted based on the details of the items listed but the Player should still contact an Owner when choosing to donate something from the list.

A Player wishing to donate their time to the advancement of Fantasy Alive should contact the Owners and discuss their abilities and training to see where their talents could be of assistance. If the Player is accepted into a Position, then they will be compensated as described in the specific Position Description.