Mortal Races of the Plane of Ariel

"These are the Mortal Races found within Ariel. Natural inhabitants of the plane, they are found throughout with a variety in and amongst themselves, let alone with one another. Though, some races are older than others, they are on equal footing in the grand scheme of ethereal and existential considerations."

SECTION 1: Curtainborn

"And thus the babe was brought to bear, its blood tied to the Curtain. Their lineage touched by celestial or infernal origin will influence their path, but not determine it." - High Apencan Priestess Ellisandra

SECTION 2: Dwarves
"In the Seventh Age, Belfur, son of Toric, King of the Kuzaak Thoth Mountains, laid down in this stone, 'No living being may cripple Dwarven strength. Stone is of our flesh and steel our lifeblood.'" - Etched on the inner cloister of Dar Eknur

SECTION 3: D'Shunn
“There are two things that you should be afraid of at night, the most important being the faint glow of the D’Shunn you don’t see.” - Ancient Proverb

SECTION 4: Elves
“That is quite a stunning portrait of your grandmother, Ambassador.  It looks like the artist has taken a few liberties, a true master of their craft that one.  I wonder if they’d take a commission to capture the likeness of the Blythian Boar that plagued our lands a few years back… More wine?” – the final words spoken by the Elven diplomat Tethlir El’nain to the Dwarven ambassador before the Dwarves withdrew from the trade negotiations

SECTION 5: Gnomes
"Hey! If I put some of those yellow leaves in this potion it starts making a loud whistling sound ... Oooh, look at the light!" - Last words of Tborren F'Norn, Gnomish Alchemist

SECTION 6: Goblins
“Stop looking at me like that, this’ll work! …and if it doesn’t, the resulting confusion will be a great distraction and then we just stab ‘em in the back. Either way, job done, right?” - Gibrock the Singed, goblin General

SECTION 7: Humans
“Alone we are resourceful, we survive; but together … together we can do what is thought to be impossible!” - King Lyryan Haro during the final conquest of the Kingdom of Gelria 1705 A.T.

SECTION 8: Lizardfolk
“All life begins and ends with the nation. Loyalty to your family is everything.” - Shaman Salazar Trueblood

SECTION 9: Malkin
“Seek, first among all other things, one truth; that all who were born unto this world deserve their opportunity to find freedom.” – Alith-Handar, First Among the Free

SECTION 10: Minotaur
“The next person who calls me a cow will die much slower than that man.” - Marthoon the Black

SECTION 11: Orcs
“To bleed is to grow. It is through hard trial we find the weaknesses that must be cut out so that we might heal stronger.”  - Chieftain Stora Truetongue