“All life begins and ends with the tribe. Loyalty to your family is everything.” - Shaman Salazar Trueblood

While no one statement easily describes the enigmatic Lizardfolk tribes, they come in essentially, one of three flavours; isolationist, reluctant participant, or outgoing adventurer. The Lizardfolk live within wet and swampy lands all over the world and are often ignored or left alone by most other cultures because of their reclusive nature and inhabitation of undesired land.  This ‘let live and leave me alone’ attitude has led most Lizardfolk tribes to be more level-headed than other races, and this has afforded them unusual freedoms to spread across the continent relatively unhindered by borders or traditional land claims.

Lizardfolk populations are hard to estimate, as some clans migrate constantly across their territories, while others do set up slightly more permanent settlements in order to conduct trade or business with other local populations. The migrants are typically those who refuse to interact with members outside their species, whereas those that choose to live in their village swamps, are resigned to dealing with others, but are typically good-natured about it. Those few that leave their habitats are ready for a time of excitement and danger, but will usually rotate back to either a migratory or village living situation, depending on where they are in their lifecycle.

While not physically strong, they are unnaturally tough and resilient, able to drop their tails to escape a sticky situation. The limb regrows usually within a month as their healing and regenerative properties are powerful. Lizardfolk are notorious for being unable to resist mind spells and other mind-altering effects. Lizardfolk focus on oral traditions and divine magic more than their counterparts.

The racial characteristics of Lizardfolk are scales covering the entire body and face which can be any colouration found on real lizards and a lizard-like tail.


  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 6 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 2 Resurrections
  • Begin with Escape skill for free
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 15 LP
  • May purchase the Physical Endurance skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • May purchase the Resist Movement skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • May purchase Rapid Healing skill without Prerequisites for half cost (rounded up)
  • Unable to purchase Iron Will skill
  • Must pay +2 SP to purchase Exceptional Strength
  • Must pay double for Read & Write skill
  • Must pay double for Read Magic skill


  • Scaled Skin (makeup or prosthetics should cover exposed skin)
  • Colouration representative of any real world lizards
  • Solid, singularly black or brown make-up is not permitted
  • Lizard-like tail






Max. Age

16 years

40 years

2 years

70 years


Youth: This is the minimum starting age for a given race. This is also the minimum age that can be achieved through rejuvenating spells.

Elderly: This is the age when the effects of time begin to take their toll and benchmarks aging negatives for a character, eventually affecting their Life Points.

Aging: Upon reaching the age indicated in the “Elderly” column, a character’s maximum LP decreases 1 Life Point for every increment of years indicated in the “Aging” column. For example, if the racial maximum LP for a goblin is 8 LP, a 42-year-old goblin character would have a maximum Life Points of 6. (A 42-year-old Goblin is 12 years over “Elderly” and, marking two increments of aging at 5 years each, reducing that characters’ Life Points by 2.)

Maximum Age: Upon reaching the age indicated in “Max. Age” the character is deceased and may not resurrect.