“That is quite a stunning portrait of your grandmother, Ambassador.  It looks like the artist has taken a few liberties, a true master of their craft that one.  I wonder if they’d take a commission to capture the likeness of the Blythian Boar that plagued our lands a few years back… More wine?” – the final words spoken by the Elven diplomat Tethlir El’nain to the Dwarven ambassador before the Dwarves withdrew from the trade negotiations

Apenca, the Great Matron, creator of all life and the most widely and openly worshipped of all the gods is said, by the Elves, to have created them first, though this simple statement has resulted in much bloodshed between them and their cousins the Dwarves, who also lay claim to be first. It has always been clear that the Elves have more openly devoted their lives in the service of Apenca, while the Dwarves appear more concerned in the worship of steel and gem.

Regardless of their order of their creation, the Elves are widely believed by most other races to be Apenca's first and most beloved creations. Elves at first-glance are elegant, serene, and wise, but extended interactions with them tends to reveal otherwise. The Elven mind is naturally attuned with the flows of magic, making it easier for them to learn the arcane arts. The Elves' longevity is tempered by Apenca's love for them, making it very difficult for her to let them return to the world when she could keep them near her. As a result they typically only resurrect once, unlike the majority of other races. While their body is weaker, their mind is strong making it difficult to alter their thoughts. Elves are easily noted by their distinct pointed ears.



  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 4 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 1 Resurrection
  • Begin with 1 Iron Will skill
  • Begin with 5 Magical Energy skill
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 10 LP
  • May purchase the Magery skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • Must purchase the Spiritual Endurance skill for 5 additional SP
  • Cannot purchase the Exceptional Strength skill


  • Pointed ears (latex/foam prosthetics) - jewelry may be worn over the prosthetic, but may not be used in place of it.






Max. Age

35 years

85 years

10 years

185 years


Youth: This is the minimum starting age for a given race. This is also the minimum age that can be achieved through rejuvenating spells.

Elderly: This is the age when the effects of time begin to take their toll and benchmarks aging negatives for a character, eventually affecting their Life Points.

Aging: Upon reaching the age indicated in the “Elderly” column, a character’s maximum LP decreases 1 Life Point for every increment of years indicated in the “Aging” column. For example, if the racial maximum LP for a goblin is 8 LP, a 42-year-old goblin character would have a maximum Life Points of 6. (A 42-year-old Goblin is 12 years over “Elderly” and, marking two increments of aging at 5 years each, reducing that characters’ Life Points by 2.)

Maximum Age: Upon reaching the age indicated in “Max. Age” the character is deceased and may not resurrect.