Magic, its Schools, and their Meanings

Magic, its Schools, and their Meanings

School of Divine

Divine spells are cast in service to and with the blessing of the Gods. It focuses on harnessing both Celestial and Infernal powers and turning it to the caster’s purpose.


School of Magic

Spells categorized under the school of Magic focus on harnessing the arcane in raw and powerful forms to alter reality or form focused attacks. Casting the effects of these spells can range from creating light to blasts of energy, to teleportation.


School of Elemental

 The Elemental school of magic focuses on bending the natural elements to the will of the caster enabling them to throw lighting, fire, and ice to assail their foes or send messages on the wind to far off recipients. 


School of Summoning

The school of Summoning studies the permeability of The Curtain and uses magic to shunt beings from one side to the other. This school lacks the diversity of spells the other schools  enjoy but enables the caster to pull greater and more powerful entities though under their command.


School of Armour

Armour spells weave magic into protective barriers. Their form can range from potent single use shields to a lasting magical field that wraps the body mimicking physical armour. 



School of Mind

The school of Mind magic is concerned with spells that target a person’s thoughts and perception. Installing or removing fear, rage, charm, or stunning the mind are all within its domain. At its most powerful, this school is able to permanently alter the memory of those it targets. 


School of Healing

Healing spells harness magic for restorative purposes. Casting these spells allow one to heal grievous wounds, remove maladies, restore lost limbs and youth, and even prevent a person’s spirit from leaving their body after death, restoring them to life.


School of Infliction

The Infliction school of magic is dedicated to causing illness and bestowing curses. These spells, except at their highest tiers, are rarely deadly instead focussing on tormenting the target through blindness, disease, or turning their flesh to stone. 


School of Body

Body spells specialize in using magic to enhance or control the physical form of the target. These spells can restrain and hinder as well as provide otherwise impossible levels of strength and endurance.


School of Death

Death magic is a school dedicated to manipulating spirits or the remains of the dead. Its spells allow the caster to twist spirits or raise corpses into undead servants as well as grant the power to take command or destroy these entities as well.


School of Detection

The spells of the school of Detection are used to reach out magically to gather information. In its lower tiers, spells from this school allow the caster to detect all manner of beings or things in the immediate world around them. At its highest circles, Detection magic allows one to reach through time itself to find the information one seeks with spells like Fate and Legend.


School of Creation

The school of Creation is dedicated to manifesting things into, and erasing things from existence or otherwise altering their physical state. These spells grant the caster the ability to shatter a weapon with a word and remake with another.