Kingdom of Harodom - Recent History

"Here is a continuation of Harodom under the rule of Queen Drusilla and King Francis Anthony, circa 2012 A.T onward." 

2012-2015 A.T.

Over the next few years since 2012 A.T. the friendship with the Empire of Michian would be tested in 2015 A.T. with a Lich trapped within Michian’s lands, reportedly originating from somewhere within Harodom. Without hesitation the young King sent aid and forces to dispatch of the Lich as quickly as possible. In 2016 A.T. a Balrog was released from within the Duchy of Gelrich, reportedly from near the town of Yorik, where it was rumoured its release was due to the action of a Baron near the area. The Balrog rekindled  support within the Empire of Michian and reformed ‘The Court of the Red Wing,’ sparking a Civil War within the empire. In response to the calamity, and outrage of the Michian Imperial family, King Francis Anthony Haro sent that very same Baron with forces down to Michian to aid with the rebellious forces there, eventually ending in success, in good part of the actions of some Yeomen of Yorik having also ventured south to eliminate the threat. 

2016 - 2018 A.T.

A war with Eldersire also came about in 2016 A.T. ending in 2018 A.T. which saw the swift destruction of many of Harodom’s forces and territories. The Duchy of O’Shea was rumoured to have collaborated with Eldersire allowing their forces to continue without hindrance through their lands, and Hoggsport suffered a long and devastating siege. Rumours of demonic activity in Eldersire spread, though both stating that Eldersire used those powers to enhance their own cause, while other rumours stated that Infernals were responsible for dealing visceral blows to their military organization. In the end ‘The Treaty of Three’ was created wherein The Kingdom of Harodom, The Nation of Eldersire, and The Empire of Michian came to compromise and secured peace in their respective lands, each making demands and forfeitures to one another. Trade and diplomacy soon after opened between all three. During this time the Guild Arcane in Harodom broke away from Eldesire rule and became the kingdom’s own Mages Guild.

As part of Harodom’s promises in the Treaty of Three, King Francis Anthony Haro married a member of the Imperial Family of Michian, Drusilla Lapsonus to strengthen ties. 

2019 - 2020 A.T.

The costly war with Eldersire came to an end in 2018 A.T. with the signing of “The Treaty of Three'' between the Kingdom of Harodom, the Nation of Eldersire, and the Empire of Michian. During this time Harodom suffered the loss of the majority of the eastern Duchy of O’Shea, reclaimed by Atha’s creations and now deemed as ‘No Man’s Land’. The northern city of Portnos seceded, becoming its own city-state. Reducing the former Northern Duchy to a fraction of its former territory, it was renamed the Duchy of Dwadain. This left the western Duchy of Gelrich the most intact and powerful of the three. After such heavy losses, peace and order became the focus of the kingdom.

Hoggsport, the ruling seat of the kingdom, was demolished by months of siege and then further taxed by reconstruction that would not see completion until 2021 A.T. The militaries of nobles and the royal family alike were reinforced by displaced peasantry looking to earn a living. Refugee camps sprouted up throughout the landscape, resources were stretched thin, and the ability to enforce laws and protect the populace became incredibly limited. The Crown and ruling nobles were looked to for protection they could not provide, and as a result banditry and lawlessness steadily increased.

Roads were unsafe, disrupting supply chains, and constant bandit raids on farms ensured food and necessary supplies became scarce, especially in population centers. In some cases, this led to open revolt, bolstered by abandoned beasts that owners could not, or would not, provide for. Pressure mounted on ruling nobility, and the unsafe roads meant the Messengers Guild required armed guards, limiting communication between fiefdoms. These issues were compounded by the increasing number of undead seen across the kingdom, and necromantic magics being reported with sources unknown.

A winter of standstill between bandits, revolts, and noble armies led to a renewed vigor in spring of 2019 A.T. Renowned as a peacemaker, King Francis Anthony Haro beseeched his wife, Queen Drusilla Haro, to handpick envoys to meet with known bandit camps and leaders of the revolts. Queen Drusilla sent her envoys with carts of what little she could spare, in hopes of displaying the prosperity a united Harodom could bring. During this time, it was requested that each camp approached to send a representative to Hoggsport to meet with the Monarchs and Royal Court to address all issues.

The majority of camps sent representatives; while some of the envoys sent by the Queen inexplicably did not return.  The talks were heated on both sides of the table, local leaders representing the interests of their home areas, while some nobles of the Royal Court remained obstinate, contrary to the efforts of King Haro and Queen Drusilla. Lasting a short time, all representatives were sent back with smaller shipments of supplies to further the cessation of hostilities for a time while the Crown and Royal Court decided on their course of action. Most representatives abided the ceasing of hostilities for a time, but others concluded their ruling nobles would instead use the time to gather their forces and root them out and therefore continued their pressure.

The steady rise of necromancy reported by those very representatives now back at their camps weighed heavily on the King and Queen, adding further pressure to resolve the unrest. Hearing word from her sister, Senator Lyria of Michian, during this time Queen Drusilla suggested to her husband that a time for a change with Harodom was at hand and older ways should be shed to create a new and better Harodom. Together, they made the “Decree of Denizens” wherein the ownership of any sentient being in the Kingdom of Harodom, be it currently held, in current dealings, and henceforth, would be outlawed within the Kingdom. All peoples that held the title of beast would be granted the title of Yeoman within the kingdom, all who served 3 years in the Royal Military, or in the retinue of a noble, would be granted a half-acre to their name in new settlements being created in the kingdom, or a stipend of 5 gold and taxes to be exempt for 1 year. Any bandit camps or revolt leaders that sent envoys would be forgiven of any violations of law during this time of unrest, and those that did not would only have to surrender their leader to take responsibility for any charges laid.

Shocking to the nobility and peasantry alike, the Royal Couple very thoroughly enforced this Decree. Even the wealthiest nobles were expected to comply, and willful or ignorant negligence was met with charges of Failure to Provide, meaning the noble was no longer fulfilling their sacred duty to protect those they rule under the laws of the kingdom. Baron Mathias Van Halten of the former Duchy of Portnos was made an example of for his lack of adherence. The Baron and family had their titles stripped, and the Baron himself was exiled from the kingdom of Harodom and not permitted to return to his family until 2025 A.T. Soon after any noble resistance to the new ways of the kingdom was quickly quieted.

King Francis Anthony then sent his personal retinue as a delegation to Eldersire to sign an amendment to the “Treaty of Three'', while Queen Drusilla sent hers likewise to the new Imperator Lyria of Michian. The three powers signed the amendment to the “Treaty of Three'' agreeing that no trade, nor alliance, would be formed with any city-state, kingdom, or empire that enabled laws of ownership over sentient beings. Much to the surprise of the Crown, delegations from Deepwood arrived and signed on behalf of the Deep King, representatives from Splishenfellow arrived shortly after, while a delegation from Portnos signed on behalf of the Duchess; though uninvited and unexpected their arrival was met with open arms by all present.

The landscape of Harodom was forever changed with the Duchy of Portnos seceding and becoming the sovereign City-State of Portnos. The Duchy of O’Shea all but disappeared due to ravages of war, and an inexplicable consumption by forest and nature. The Duchy of O’shea still exists, though greatly weakened in size and power, and the remainder of their former territory now simply referred to as ‘The Broken Reach’. Many of its people were scattered across the kingdom.