Major Database/Log updates!

A new year brings new things and this year we’ve resolved to work on updating and improving our database and log system. As such there are a bunch of behind the scenes as well as obvious changes you’ll notice. Here are some of the details and reminders you should all be aware of for this most recent update:

    • Don’t forget that if you attended the Masquerade event in January you can convert double OC for XP, Coin and/or Items! Just put a quick note in your next log that you’re doing it and spend away!
    • All portrait/posed pictures we received from our wonderful photographer Margaret are also placed in your character sheet folders. If you are in the pic, you got the pic. If you don’t see a picture you think you should have, please email and we’ll figure that out.
    • BIG IMPORTANT UPDATE: Luxuries now handled within the database! You will all notice a new section on your character sheet on page 3 with a “Luxuries” section. At the moment, this section is blank for all players. We will be using information in the database to handle luxuries going forward rather than entering it each time on the log form. This means that as part of our upcoming updated Event Registration form there will be a new section “Updates to Luxuries”. Here you can enter in any luxuries you have or any you have lost/given up. You only need to enter in the luxury information if the spot on your character sheet is not matching what luxuries you have! Otherwise the bonus hours, upkeep or other aspects of them will be tracked within the database. NOTE: For your next log, please make sure to enter in your luxuries in the Event Registration form so they can be updated in the database!
  • Banked XP is no more! We have removed Banked XP from the system as it was rarely used and deemed unnecessary. All remaining Banked XP on any player in the database has been converted to OC and any rewards that would have granted Banked XP will now just give OC.
  • Pre-Paid events now handled by the Database! No more discount codes as they did not work to lessen the work of log. Instead, if you are using a pre-paid event you only need to check the right spot on the Event Registration Form to do so. All pre-paid events will be managed within the database and displayed on your character sheets on page 3.
  • Multiple levels of a 1-9/10 skill are now just a single entry on your sheet! Yes, we figured out how to do that properly and keep the SP amounts right! So now instead of Clerical Investment levels 1-3 on your sheet, it just says one line of “Clerical Investment 3”. Saves some space on your sheet and means no one now runs off the page!
    • Now, about that running off the page of skills… if you were one of the people that you had more skills than the old character sheet could handle, you’ll suddenly notice you’ve spent a lot more SP than you thought! This over-run of the skills caused a calculation error that has now been fixed. If you are in this situation, feel free to contact Ian via messenger or email to work this out.

    That’s everything for now. Another post will be put up when we have the Event Registration form updated and at that point Log will be open for our February event. So look out for that so we can get ready for our next Winter event!

    Thanks for you patience as we work to update and improve our processes. Thanks for hanging in with us as we strive for perfection!