Fantasy Alive Masquerade Event 2023

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You are invited to join us at a glorious Masquerade!

We will be hosting a day event for Fantasy Alive at a hall in Hamilton which will include games, food, dancing, pictures, special guests and a full concert for your entertainment! 

Here are the details!



St. Michael The Archangel Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
521 West 5th St., Hamilton, ON.  L9C 3P7

Event Schedule (Details on each activity below!):

1:00pm - Doors open 

1:00-3:00pm - Goblin Market

2:00-4:00 pm - Games 

4:00-5:30pm - Philip’s Auction 

4:30-5:30pm - Photo Booth 

6:00pm - Dinner

7:00-7:45pm – Eclectic Revival performs

7:00-8:00pm - Photo Booth

7:45-8:15pm - Costume Contest 

8:15-9:00pm - Eclectic Revival performs

9:15-10:00pm - Eclectic Revival performs

10:00-10:15pm - Announce winners for guessing games 

10:15-11:00pm - Eclectic Revival performs 

11:00pm – Wrap Up 

12:00 Midnight - Event ends. Everyone get home safely!


Prepay Online: $75 + tax (And for Pre-Paying you get 500 copper useable at any of the games and auction.
Pay at the Door: $85 (tax included)

Dedicated Cast: $55 + tax
Dedicated Cast Pay at the Door: $65 (tax included)

Log and Registration for this event:

There will be no logistics done for this event. Instead, all you need to do is let us know you’re coming! To do that, just go here to pay for the event. If you’d prefer to pay cash at the door, then just select that option for the list!

Attending this event includes:

    • Full Day event of Fantasy Alive
    • 100 XP for your character or 100 OC for any Cast role
    • Pre-Pay Bonus: 500 copper useable at any of the games and auction.
    • No Log, but attendance allows you to convert Double OC for Skills, Coin or Items at your next event!
    • Full dinner, drinks and snacks throughout the day.
    • 1 Professional photograph (at Photo booth or a candid shot during the night)
    • A full concert put on by our favourite Bards, Eclectic Revival!

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Activities during the event:

Photo Booth

Our favourite professional photographer, Margaret, will be setting up a photo booth and offering complimentary portraits! Head to the photo booth when it's open to get a professional picture of yourself in your best masquerade attire- on your own or with a friend.  When the booth is closed, Margaret will be around to the capture the rest of the masquerade festivities too! Photos will be delivered online following the event.


An In-game auction for items will occur over the course of the event. Players may bid on items using coin they have on them as well as coin they will earn (or convert OC for) by the February event! All items won in the auction will be provided to the players at log at the February event.

Gambling Games

Lots of fun things! Details to come soon!

Goblin Market

It's a yard sale, essentially, except someone else sells your products for you, then gives you the money. This is an in-person sale at the Masquerade event! Full details can be found here:


Delicious food for your enjoyment all event long! Details to follow.


A full concert put on by our favourite group, Eclectic Revival, will occur the evening of the event. Join the great Bards as they sing your favourite tunes, go to our Facebook page to add your song requests!

Costume Contest

Dress your best (or worst?) and show it off! Details to follow!