EAO Support Team and Roundtable

As mentioned in the last Office Hours, we have decided to split up our former Player Relations Team into two new Official Positions, the EAO Support Team and the EAO Roundtable. You can read up on each at their respective links and listen to Ian describe them in the Office Hours video linked as well.

What we are doing now is putting out a call for anyone who wishes to join either of these teams! We are looking for 1-2 members for the EAO Support Team and are taking all applications for the EAO Roundtable. To apply, please send an email to owners@fantasyalivelrp.com with the following information:

EAO Support Team:

  • Your experience with conflict resolution.
  • Any official training you have taken you think might be helpful in this role.
  • Why you want to take on the position.


EAO Roundtable:

  • Why do you want to be on it?
  • What is your background/Experience/Expertise?
  • What makes you think you would be good for the role?
  • What will you do in the role to better the community?
  • Are there any topics which you do not feel comfortable participating in discussion?
  • A written suggestion for an improvement to EAO or an EAO game, including directions on how to use the suggestion to make actual, useful and positive change to the game(s).


We look forward to hearing from all interested applicants!