Cast Call!

Our Cast, and especially the Dedicated Cast, are the machine that makes our games run, and we're looking for more to join the team!

Check out our updated Cast and Dedicated Cast Position description for updated and improved rewards!

In addition to this we have a new Cast option for you and your friends to join the team:

Adventure group Casting!

Looking to get your foot in the door? Have your group of characters take on a job and come back with extra rewards. Sign up at least 4 players to Cast for 2 back-to-back events and receive the following:

  • 25 gold worth of equipment
  • Three levels of Magical Components OR extra 25 gold worth of more equipment
  • Plot Character contact based on your group’s adventure
  • Group Discord/Messenger Plot RP regarding your adventure
  • Optional: 1 FA&D Session to run the special Adventure of what your group is doing! The session will be 3-4h, and be organized with the Plot Manager and an FA&D Plot Member. A $25 fee applies to this choice to support the system necessary to run FA&D.



Cast drive!

Sign up for a Dedicated Cast Term before the FA-TO May 26-28 event to get these additional rewards:
  • Double bonus OC upon term completion
    • 4 events = 50 OC x 2 = 100 OC!
    • 8 events = 120 OC x 2 = 240 OC! 
    • 12 events = 200 OC x 2 = 400 OC!
  • One character of your choice may be granted Citizenship!
    • Only available with 8- or 12-Event Terms.
    • Requires details to be worked out with Plot Manager 
  • Donate your OC! At the end of your Term you may choose to give some OC to your friends!
    • 4-Event Term and you may give up to 150 OC to any number of other Players.
    • 8-Event Term: 300 OC limit.
    • 12-Event Term: 500 OC limit.
  • Back to game discounts
    • 4-Event Term: 25% discount on your next paid game
    • 8-Event Term: 50% off your next paid game
    • 12-Event Term: 100% off your next paid game


To Cast an event, just Register for your next event as Cast!

To join our Dedicated Cast Team, talk to our Plot Manager through messages or via