Magic Item Use and Creation

Magic Item Usage

Magical Items may only be used during an event and not between events. The only exception to this are items which are specifically allowed by Head of Plot or Owners, and will generally only be utility effects (such as a teleport item to lower travel time).


Magic Item Creation

Magical Items may only be created during an event with Plot Manager or Owner as a witness. The intention to create a magic item must be communicated to Plot before the event in which it is attempted. All characters involved in the Magical Item creation process must be properly paid and logged for that event.

All requirements for the creation must be present and provided to the Plot Manager or Owner witness.

As with all other magic, should the incantation be misspoke or the requirements for the spell be missing or not correct then the spell fails, all ME/SE required for the casting is used and all components used in the process are Destroyed.

Daily Magical Items may not be used to create other Magical Items. If attempting to do so, the creation attempt is automatically failed.