Clerical Investment 10

The following pages detail unique and interesting abilities available for those brave souls who persevere beyond what mortals are naturally meant to with their devotion.

What is Clerical Investment 10?

Clerical Investment 10 is the epitome of devotion a mortal can show to their deity. This involves setting aside all of their own goals, attachments and material belongings to seek a deep divine connection with their deity. It is not a process for any not willing to give up everything for their deity’s own desires. But if one can truly prove their devotion to their deity beyond a doubt, then they find themselves changed into something more.

Requirements to Begin

In order for a character to begin the attempt to gain Clerical Investment 10 (CI 10) these requirements must be met:

  • The character must have Clerical Investment 9.
  • The character must have 30 SP unspent.
  • The player must send in an application email to stating their wish to attempt to learn CI 10. This email must also include a notice of acceptance of all the details in this document, a reason for their character to pursue the Quest and some thoughts on what they believe the Quest might entail.
  • Owner and Plot Manager approval for the Quest to begin.

CI 10 Process

When all of the above requirements are met, then the Owners and Plot Manager will discuss and determine the CI 10 Quest. This may be handled by any Plot Member or Owner and is intended to be a personal plot-line. The Quest will vary from faith to faith, and priest to priest, but the general requirements are:

  • 30 SP must be held unspent on the character from the moment of starting the CI 10 Quest until it is completed (successfully or not)
  • Attend and actively participate in the CI 10 Quest for a minimum of 10 full events. During this time the cleric will be intently watched for their words and actions to ensure they remain faithful to their deity’s core goals.
  • Actively work as a leader and promoter of their deity in whatever way that makes sense for each deity.
  • The character must actively seek out ways in which to prove their unwavering faith to their deity though actions, words and devotions.
  • Complete a series of tests with the inclusion of other characters, especially any similarly devoted. During these tasks the cleric must take on a leadership position in both spreading their faith and acting as a role-model for other clerics to aspire to.
  • Participate in between-game actions as the Plot Member and player are able and capable of doing.

During the CI 10 Quest, the Plot member or Owner running it will be assessing and reviewing the results with the Owners and Plot Manager following each event. Each following event the character will receive feedback on how the Quest is progressing, in whatever way the Plot Member in charge believes is appropriate.

Result of CI 10 Quest

At the end of the Quest, the Owners, Plot Manager, and Plot Member responsible for running the CI 10 Quest will review the entire process and decide whether the cleric has achieved all of the aspects necessary for attaining the divine connection. This results in three possible scenarios: Failure, Insufficient or

Failure of CI 10 Quest

To fail at a CI 10 Quest requires a cleric to act against their deity’s domain. This act may be a fairly minor action normally, but during a CI 10 Quest the deity’s attention is squarely focused on everything the character does.

The character will be provided means for atonement for their transgression should it be a minor one in order to continue their CI 10 Quest. In the case of a more significant one, the cleric will have their CI 10 Quest ended immediately.

Should the CI 10 Quest end in a failure, the 30 SP saved during the process is removed from their character sheet and the character may not attempt another CI 10 Quest until at least another 10 events are attended and the requirements are met again.

Insufficient Completion of CI 10 Quest

In this case, while the cleric has not actively transgressed against their deity, they have not shown the required devotion to attain the deity’s ultimate blessing. This may be the result of a character not showing sufficient devotion in actions, or failing to stand forth as a leader of their faith, or not completing the tests given to the satisfaction of the deity. This method is also used for players who choose to abandon the CI 10 Quest before its completion.

A CI 10 Quest resulting in an Insufficient completion requires that the Owners and Plot Manager discuss with the player their options and decide on the method of proceeding. The options are:

  1. The cleric chooses to end the CI 10 Quest. This results in:
  • The character loses 15 SP of the 30 SP left unspent for this Quest.
  • The Plot Member in charge of the CI 10 Quest concludes the personal plot as necessary.
  • The cleric chooses to continue the CI 10 Quest. This results in:
    • The character keeps the 30 SP unspent.
    • The Plot Member in charge continues the CI 10 Quest but is not responsible for crafting additional tests. Instead, the character must actively search for methods in which to prove their devotion.

    Successful Completion of CI 10 Quest

    A cleric who completes the CI 10 Quest successfully will be forever changed into a true servant of their deity. This manifests in these aspects:

    • The saved 30 SP is spent on purchasing CI 10. No downtime is required to learn the skill (technically all time needed was spent during game and between games in actions as part of tests)
    • An obvious and pronounced physical alteration. (The exact change will depend on the deity and will be discussed with the player to ensure they can properly costume/represent the change for all future events as the character.)
    • This alteration also causes the cleric to detect magically. (Exact method of detection is determined by deity.)
    • An immediate power granted by their deity that supersedes any possible by a normal mortal. (Exact power to be determined by Plot Member in charge, Owners and Plot Manager.)
    • Access to powers purchasable through SP that fall in line with the deity’s ideals. (List provided by Logistics. Further powers not on list are possible, but must be requested and approved by Owners and Plot Manager.)
    • A cleric who reaches CI 10 may be called upon by their deity to act on their behalf.