Banked Experience Points

What is Banked XP?

Banked XP is exactly like regular XP at Fantasy Alive except that it is saved on your sheet until used, like OC.

Characters earn regular XP through playing games and that XP is automatically applied to that character and converted into SP to use to purchase skills.

Banked XP instead, is an amount of XP that is saved with the Player information (on page 3 of any character sheet you receive, or on page 1 of any Cast sheet).

Banked XP can remain on your sheet for any length of time and may be used with any Event Registration.

How do I get Banked XP?

You can earn Banked XP in one of two ways:

  1. Cast: Every event that you play as a Cast Member, Plot Member or Dedicated Cast Member you will receive Marshal XP for your contributions. This XP is automatically assigned to your Banked XP on your Player information.
  2. Reward Tags: Sometimes at FA, Reward Tags will be handed out to Players. These tags have either an OC or XP amount on them. In order to receive these rewards you must include the details on the Reward Tag in a Event Registration and it will be applied to your Player information. OC into your total OC available and XP into your Banked XP.

How do I use Banked XP?

When you wish to use your Banked XP for a character, just include this in the “Notes” section of your Event Registration how much you would like to apply to your character. This can be done in a couple of different ways:

  • Convert < # Amount> XP. – Log will take that amount of Banked XP and convert it into SP for your character based on their current XP:SP Ratio.
  • Convert enough to get X Skill – Log will calculate the amount of XP necessary to get the skill and convert that amount of Banked XP. Note: If you do not have enough Banked XP then Log will contact you to arrange alternate options.
  • Convert enough to get to X SP Free – Log will calculate the amount of XP necessary to get your character to the specified SP Free (SP available for use in skill purchases). Note: If you do not have enough Banked XP to reach your goal, then Log will convert all the Banked XP you have and leave the character at that SP/XP amount.
  • Convert all of my Banked XP – Log will convert all Banked XP available to that Player onto the character they are currently registering. SP total will be calculated by Log and results provided in the Event Confirmation sheet.

Are there limitations to using Banked XP (like there is for OC)?

There are no limitations to the amount of Banked XP you may convert at a time. So you may convert 1 XP to get that last bit you need for a skill or convert all 300 Banked XP you have at any event that you complete a Registration.