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Pendant – Colleges of Magic (Beasts)

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This pendant is perfect for magisters of the Amber Order or other practitioners of the Lore of Beasts.  The front depicts the symbol and imagery of the lore, while the reverse side depicts a compass-point wheel with each of the eight winds of magic.

  • 41 mm x 35 mm x 3 mm
  • Crafted from a speciality resin blend for increased durability.
  • Actual item comes finished in a single metallic paint colour, but can be repainted to suit individual tastes. Images show examples of how item can be accented with additional paint colours.
  • Can be worn as a pendant with the addition of a chain, cord or string, or can accent costuming in other ways.
  • Shipping not currently available on this item, but may be picked up at any Endless Adventures event.