Skills and Abilities


The ability to create forged documents does not require a specific skill purchase. 

The current documents will be changed over to new documents over time.  At the moment, there is no plan for a mass exchange. 

Application Process: 

  • Forgery or illegal documents are available to any player that can prove to the Plot Manager and/or Owner that their Character has the necessary skills and/or experience to detect or create forgeries. The requirement is entirely upon the Player to prove their Character’s prerequisites and the decision is entirely at Plot Manager and Owner's discretion.
  • Your application should be sent to

Creating and Identifying Forgeries:

  • Forgeries may only be created by Characters agreed upon by Plot Manager and Owner. Any documents created by those not approved for it are considered cheating and will face corrective action based on the severity of the action.
  • The method of identifying forgeries is kept by the Logistics Manager at Log and may only be viewed there by Players who have been approved. The information will be available during Logistics on Friday night and not provided at any other times during an event. No pictures, copies or any other methods of transferring the information from the copy at Log is allowed.
  • Creating a forged document will be included in your event log.  The details of the creation process will be provided to approved Players.