Visible Affect Signs and Location Information

These files have been created to help easily show the required out of game information. There are signs here for spells, traps and locations.  If you are setting up one of these spells or traps, please ensure that this form is filled out and connected during set up. 

Location Information

Draw a sketch of the layout of everything inside the building. Use a separate sheet for each floor the building and mark them appropriately. Identify on the drawing or in the legend what everything is in the building. This stat sheet is for Plot and Owners so any hidden compartments / doors etc. should be identified on the map of the building. 

House stat sheet:  Name of the owner and occupants or use of the building

Location: Rough idea where in or around Yorik this building is located

Scale: Indicate how big each of the squares in the grid represent

Total size: The square footage of the building, as seen on your log sheet under upkeep costs

Protections:  Includes any protections, locks or traps. These should be identified on the map as well.  Please also include a copy of the completed Spell or Trap signs (from below).

Non-Tagged items: Things of note that are located in the building. i.e. Forge, Lab, or furniture

Tagged Items/Coin: Any items that are kept in the building should have their tags listed and turned in with this sheet to be kept at Cast Cabin. 

Note that all information here may be used by Plot at any time and will be the sole resource for IG use. Should something change about this location then the Player is required to report that change to Plot at or before Logistics. Any information provided during an event can only be taken into consideration if it was done In Game at the event on location.

Download the Location Summary Sheet here


Out of Game

This sign is used to indicate a location that is physically located in another area.  In order to interact with this location, please go to Plot.

Out of Game Location Sign 

Trap Signs

Choke Trap

Dangle Trap

Dead Fall Trap

Death Trap

Fire Trap

Foot Trap

Pendulum Trap

Snare Trap

Spray Trap

Spring Snare Trap

Tangle Trap

Weapon Trap 

Spell Signs

Anti-Magic Zone

Barrier Pit

Bramble Wall

Brittle Wall

Explosive Runes

Flame Script

Floor of Binding



Holy Aura

Mage Lock - Lesser Mage Lock - Greater Mage Lock

Magic Mouth

Magic Script


Venom Script

Ward - Acid Ward, Fire Ward, Frost Ward


Zone of Silence

Zone of Truth