Online RolePlay

Anyone is welcome to join our Online Roleplay in our In Game Facebook Group!

If you have not made it to a live game yet, you can still join in on Online roleplay! What you need to do is create you character and submit it to our Logistics team.  Submit your new character through our form here and our Logistics team will be in touch with you soon! Once you've heard back from our team, you're welcome to join in on the roll play! 

Please remember to take a look at our Forum Etiquette guide

If you have been to a Fantasy Alive event before, but your character has become inactive, you can also take part! In order for us to make your character active again, you will need to reach out to our Logistics team by email.  Our Logistics team will be in touch to go over some guidelines and confirm that your character is active again. 

If you have any questions about the Online RP options, please let us know!