Goblin Market FAQs


What is the Goblin Market?

It's a yard sale, essentially, except someone else sells your products for you, then gives you the money. This is an in-person sale at select Fantasy Alive events.

How do I add products to the Goblin Market?

1. Collect LARP items or crafts that you would like to sell

2. Decide how you would like to price them. Endless Adventures Ontario will have the option of selling with Credit or Debit as well as cash. In order to account for payment processing fees, we will be adding the cost of $1 to every credit or debit transaction. Please factor this into your pricing.

3. Label your products with your initials and the final price of the item, including the $1 processing fee.

4. You will be paid out via e-transfer. Provide the email address you would like to receive your e-transfer on.

5. Bring your products to the Goblin Market Stall. We will keep track of what is sold and will transfer you with the money you have earned by e-transfer around 1 week of the event.

6. Keep a close eye on when the Goblin Market Stall is set to close up. You will need to collect your products and take the remainder away with you. Any products left over will be disposed of or donated.

I have another question.

If you have any questions reach out to Alana Douglas on Facebook Messenger or contact sparrowgray#4564 on Discord.