Fantasy Alive Registration

New to Fantasy Alive? All the information and links you need can be found here!

To register for an event, you need to do two steps...

1. Register!

If you are playing a character or Casting, follow this link to go to our Event Registration form. Just fill it all out and submit and we'll get all the information we need to get you setup for game!

Looking for your last character sheet? You can find the most up-to-date sheet in a Google Folder. Check out this page for all the details.

Want to do more for log than the Registration form allows? Like Production? Arcane Research? Merchandizing? Well, please use this Complex Log Excel Spreadsheet to fill out all that information. When you're done filling it out, just attach it to the Event Registration Form and you'll be all set for the event!

Please note that our deadline for logging before the event is at 11pm on the Monday before the event. If you do not log by that time then you will be unable to buy skills, use downtime or spend OC. But you can still come enjoy the game! Just come to log with everything you need to play and we'll make sure you get to join in the fun!


2. Pay for the event!

You can pay for our events online here. Paying online will help us get all setup for the event and save you some time at log on site. But we also take cash and card payments on site at log. 



Want to sign up for food at one of our events that offer a meal plan? There are two ways to do that...

  1. Pay for the meal plan online here.
  2. Indicate on your Event Registration that you want meal plan. (This option is for paying at the door!)

Please note that if you do not do either of these steps you will NOT be able to join in the meal plan at the door, so please plan ahead!