Fantasy Alive FAQ

Q – How do I Pre-Log and Register as a PC?

A – In order to Register you will need to purchase your event pass and then complete the Event Registration form here.

The Event Registration form also covers most of the character logistics, but if you find you are in need of further details, then you can fill out the Complex Log Pre-Log Excel sheet to include in your log.

Please note that Complex Logs can only be submitted up to  days before the event. Following that time only the Event Registration Form will be accepted for updating characters.

Q – How do I Pre-Log and Register as a Cast Member (NPC)?

A – As a Cast Member at Fantasy Alive the only thing you need to do is fill out the Event Registration Form here.

Q – For my first event do I choose a pre-package or the 30SP customizable one?

A – That depends on your LARPing experience. If you are Brand New to LARPing then a pre-package must be selected, and you will play a human explained here.  You can find the full details here.

If you are an Experienced New Player you may customize your character with 30 Skill Points.

In either case, please reach out to if you have any questions.

Q – What are Ogre Chips (OC), Experience (XP), and Skill Points (SP)?

A – OC is earned through driving players to an event, Casting, volunteering at site, or donating items to the game. This may be converted on a 1:1 ratio to XP, or used for other benefits as outline here:

XP is earned through Role Play, costuming and accessorizing appropriately and participating in the adventures during an event. XP may only be converted to SP, as outlined in the chart in the Rulebook on Page 10.

SP are what a character has to spend on their skills: Academic, Combat, Weapon, Trade, and Ability.

Q – As a New Player do I get OC to start?

A – No, new Players begin at 30 Skill Points (SP) or with one of the starting packages.  OC can be earned through a number of ways and turned in for your character at future events. 

Q – I’m new, can I play a Beast race?

A – Provide a quick run-down of LARP experience and send it to the Owners for approval. This allows us to make sure you understand some possible negative RP that may occur due to race. (Papers, racism, etc.)  The Owners will be in touch to chat further with you. 

Q – How do I go about writing and submitting my character history?

A – The outline for points that we’re looking for when you submit your character history can be found in the Rulebook on Page 15-16. Our Lore Team will be the ones to review and approve your character history so email it to when completed. There is no time restriction on when a history must be submitted by.

Q – What is Remorting and how do I do it?

A – Remorting is the process Fantasy Alive has setup to allow players to change aspects of their characters up to everything about them in order to figure out what kind of a character they would like to play in the long term. The details for when and how to Remort can be found here.

Q – For my first event do deaths count?

A – For a player’s very first event no deaths count toward their character. This means you can die and resurrect multiple times. After your first event the number of times your character may die and resurrect are dependent on the race played, and skills purchased.

Q – How much does my first event cost?

A – Your first event is free! For a breakdown of our regular event prices, take a look here

Q – When my character permanently dies, how do I go about making a new character?

A – It may be sad when your character dies with no resurrections left (called “Finishment”) but also exciting as now you get to try out a whole new character! Details on what you can do when your character is Finished can be found here.

Q – What is the site like for sleeping, washrooms, etc.?

A – The site has two cabins: one for PC’s and one for Cast. There are bunks available on a first come first serve basis, and the utmost effort is put into ensuring everyone has room in the cabins if they need it.
There are functioning washrooms (do not drink the tap water) but no showers on site.
There is a kitchen where food for the meal plan is made so is unavailable for players to use.

Q – When are the event dates?

A – All event dates are listed here.

Q – What are the Event and Meal Plan prices?

A – All event prices are listed here.  There are benefits to pre-paying for an event early, they're listed in the link above.

Q – How does Downtime work Between Events?

A – Characters have set amount of downtime they received for each week between events. This is based on the character’s Social Class and the exact amount can be found on page 14 of the Rulebook. These downtime hours can be used for producing goods, working for money, travel, or a myriad of other things. Check out the Rulebook for all the things you can do with your character during downtime. And for special actions not covered in the Rulebook, you can see our guidelines here.

Q – What do I do if I don’t have my own weapons/costume for an event?

A – Weapon, costume or other props are available for rent. You’ll be provided the item(s) you need for a small fee listed here.

New Players needing weapons, costume or props can get them for free on their first event!

Q – If I pre-pay for an event and don’t make it, can I save that payment for the next event?

A – That is possible! For the complete details review our Payments and Refunds Policy.