Yorik's Annual Cookie Contest!

The summer is heating up and that means it's time for Yorik's Annual Cookie contest!  Like so many things this year, we will have a different format this year than we have in the past.  

Since we can't get together and share cookies, you'll need to present your cookie for us instead.  Your entry can include pictures, video, recipe and the description.  You can be creative!  Describe the taste, look, texture -- as vivid as you'd like!

The contest will be open for submissions as of today and you have until Friday July 17th at 11pm!  We will present the cookie submissions the following Friday, July 24th.  Voting will begin during the presentation and be open for the following two days until July 26th at 11 pm. 

Winners will be announced shortly after the voting is completed and the winning players will be contacted with information about their prize!

The categories are: Tastiest Looking cookie, Most Unusual cookie and Best Presentation.  And we may announce more as we go! 

When you're ready, you can submit your cookie entry here!