“There are two things that you should be afraid of at night, the most important being the faint glow of the D’Shunn you don’t see.” - Ancient Proverb

The name D’Shunn is said to come from an old term for them meaning, “Day Shunned”. During the first Terror’s Breach many D’Shunn fled, joining their brethren that dwelled within caverns, and there their societies grew. It is difficult to say if this description is apt or propaganda, but what is true is the initial lives in caverns were harsh to the D’Shunn, leading to a competitive people driven to succeed, possibly at any cost. Over time stories of the D’Shunn spread, the enigma of their territories speculated and propagated. These are people that make the darkness their home, were molded by it, and embraced it.

Said to be distant cousins with the Elves, physically they are similar in their ear shape but otherwise starkly contrast one another. D’Shunn are known for their pure white hair, and their magical attunement manifesting in adapting to life in caverns with a bioluminescent glow to their skin, granting immunity to blindness of all magical natures. Physically D’Shunn are not known to be naturally exceptionally strong, and typically do not resurrect as many times as other races. However, their command of martial and magical prowess combined has led them to harness this power with great renown, having improved their control of the arcane, and being able to channel magical energy through their weapon with no prior training. Their aspirations formed them into masters of the arcane and of the night.


  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 4 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 2 Resurrections
  • Immune to all magical Blindness effects, calling “No effect” (magery, clerical, and innate magic)
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 10 LP
  • May purchase the Magery skill for half cost
  • May purchase the Catalyst skill for 4 SP
  • May purchase the Concentration skill for 4 SP
  • May purchase the Channel Spell skill for 10SP (without any pre-requisites)
  • Must pay an additional 5 SP for the Spiritual Endurance skill (15 SP total)
  • Unable to purchase Exceptional Strength



  • Bioluminescent face patterning (done with reflective paints or glow in the dark paints, etc.)
    • Patterning for bioluminescence must look natural, and not resemble symbols or tribal markings
  • White wig for hair
  • Pointed ears (elf-like)






Max. Age

25 years

65 years

10 years

165 years


Youth: This is the minimum starting age for a given race. This is also the minimum age that can be achieved through rejuvenating spells.

Elderly: This is the age when the effects of time begin to take their toll and benchmarks aging negatives for a character, eventually affecting their Life Points.

Aging: Upon reaching the age indicated in the “Elderly” column, a character’s maximum LP decreases 1 Life Point for every increment of years indicated in the “Aging” column. For example, if the racial maximum LP for a goblin is 8 LP, a 42-year-old goblin character would have a maximum Life Points of 6. (A 42-year-old Goblin is 12 years over “Elderly” and, marking two increments of aging at 5 years each, reducing that characters’ Life Points by 2.)

Maximum Age: Upon reaching the age indicated in “Max. Age” the character is deceased and may not resurrect.