Donations and Help!

Hello Fantasy Alive Players!

The costume season is upon us again and we are looking for a few things to round out our costuming supplies. If anyone here is interested in donating some supplies to the game for OC, read onward for what we could use!

PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept the items listed and nothing else. If you have something you think we might want, you MUST contact us first before bringing it to an event. We will not accept anything that has not been pre-arranged.

Things we are looking for:

  • 2-4 Half-masks - Skeleton (Top half only, helps with speaking and breathing) 
  • 6-8 Half-masks - Zombie
  • 6-8 Zombie costumes (Tattered/gory shirts)
  • 3-6 Half-masks - Wraith (pale grey/white)
  • 2-4 Imp/demon tails (must be durable and able to be compacted into a bin for storage)

OC amounts will vary based on cost and quality of the item. Please provide a receipt for the item(s) donated.

REMEMBER to contact us with what items you are interested in donating via Messenger or We will be working to update this post as items are claimed and any items not confirmed before delivering at an event will be sent home with the player!


Hello Fantasy Alive Players!

Like what we do? Have some time to help out? Want some OC for the work? Well here’s the post for you!

We’re looking for a few people to help out at game in a few ways. Check below for what we are looking for and if you are interested, please email to let us know!

COVID Screener

  • 1-2 Volunteers needed
  • Stop all people entering the site to check for Self-Assessment, vaccines.
  • Check off on sheet provided.
  • Spend approximately a 1 hour shift at the gate during the Friday night when players arrive.
  • Reward: 20 OC reward for each shift taken. 

Large Vehicle Movers

  • 1-2 Volunteers needed.
  • Players with larger vehicle (van, SUV, pickup truck)
  • Load Cast/Plot bins and drive to Cast Cabin at beginning of the event and then back again at the end of the event.
  • Takes about 30min total with a decent sized vehicle.
  • Reward: 20 OC for each time moving bins. (Remember to check off your name on the Cast Cleanup sheet!)

Setup/Cleaning Crew

  • 3-4 Volunteers requested
  • Assist in setting up the Tavern, Church of All Gods and/or Cast Cabin at the beginning of the game.
  • Assist with cleaning up the Tavern and/or Cast Cabin after game is called on Sunday.
  • To help, just check the setup/cleanup list posted in the Tavern and the Cast Cabin for the list of tasks needed covering.
  • Reward: Based on the tasks completed. Check off the ones you do to get the OC for them!

Large Tent Setup and Teardown

  • NEED 5-7 Volunteers
  • Preferably one volunteer can transport the tent to the assigned location, but transport can be arranged as needed.
  • Setup the large pavilion tent on Friday night including the sides.
  • Take down the large pavilion tent on Sunday and put it back into the storage bin.
  • Reward: 50 OC for putting up or taking down (100 OC for both!)